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Discover a new freedom of security, one that truly relieves your mind by equipping you with ultimate control! We are revamping the conversations around security with our high-tech paraphernalia and optimized security operations.

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Our instinctual capacities are the sole spiritual factors that tie us to our early ancestors. With our innate need to protect what we love, be it our children,  physical assets, or simply our individuality, humans have always persevered by protecting our interests. Today’s automated world warrants top-notch and heightened levels of means to securitize ourselves and Intellihome aims to defend your concerns always.

Intellihome aims to redefine the parameters of how we gauge our securitization standards. We have your back when it comes to the protection of your interests by always researching the gaps in the security market, predicting the needs of our clients, and engaging with them to always update our services. Our services cover full home security systems, you name it and we will protect it for you! For the residents of Los Angeles, we commit to having your back 24/7.

Smart Home Systems Manhattan Beach

How Does Intellihome Security System Work?

Intellihome curates the ultimate home security plans to adjust to your concerns. Home security systems follow a basic framework of installing sensors, control panels, cameras, floodlights, etc., and can be customized to the client’s needs. However, the most essential aspect of any surveillance unit, on a domestic level is HD cameras. Intellihomes prides itself on developing some of the most advanced home security cameras that can go undetected by outsiders in order to map any suspicious activity that might be alarming.

Some of the features that make our installations the best home security systems involve setting up security cameras for homes that are mostly located in areas in Los Angeles, that are flagged sometimes with irregular activities. That is why Intellihome is committed to mitigating all potential risks related to an individual’s personal security. Some of the features that you have to check before installing security cameras for home utilization are their detectability, quality of the video, 360-degree rotation, and strong connectivity to internal alarm systems. With Intellihome, be alert today for a fortified tomorrow. 


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Intellihome combines passion and knowledge to design state of the art home & business audio/video systems.
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39 reviews on
Manny B
Manny B
Everything I need for any electronics or services I come here!! Will do with them again!
Alfredo Figueroa
Alfredo Figueroa
Setup my whole house and I highly recommend this guy thank you for your business
Anthony Behar
Anthony Behar
Nick was was great, vey knowledgeable, nice and solved my problem.
Nadia Naim
Nadia Naim
We just installed security cameras, wanted to let the community know of this wonderful company in case anyone was interested in upgrading their alarm/security systems! After hearing about so many break-Ins we decided to get a quote for security cameras for our house to have peace of mind.  I reached out to a few companies, but Intellihome gave me the best quote and the quickest turnaround. Nick was able to come for a walk through the next day and have everything installed and ready to go within a week. When it came to installation, Nick and 2 of their installers came with masks and booties. They were able to install 8 cameras around our house within 2 days and cleaned up everything as they went along. You wouldn’t have even known they were there, once they left. They kept a very neat work area. We asked about improving our WiFi and they were also able to switch out our router to a much better one. There were some spotty areas in the house with no connection at all. This is no longer an issue. Overall, we had such a pleasant experience with Nick and his team. They were so helpful! Highly recommend them!!
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones
It’s been a great experience working with Intellihome. Extremely knowledgeable. They took the time to so whatever it took to secure our home and get our digital running smoothly. We are going to use them for speaker system outside too. Very professional and kind.
Amazing, knowledgeable and ethical company. Have a very difficult set up for a large TV in a tricky area, Nima knocked it out in a breeze. Highly recommend.
Hector Pulido
Hector Pulido
Very affordable and professional service.
guy vegas
guy vegas
After a few break ins in the area I decided it was time to upgrade my home security. They were very professional, clean and great service. Ended up having them do some other improvements on my tv mounting and sound system. Glad I gave them a call
Arezou Arbabi
Arezou Arbabi
We had an awesome experience with Nick and his team for the installation of our 75” Samsung frame TV. Booking was easy, price was reasonable, they abided by Covid rules, were on time and were very efficient. What really set them apart is their consideration of the placement of the TV. We purchased this TV so that it would not look like a TV and it would blend into the wall with our art. It was very important for us to have it mounted and placed perfectly to hide the cables and disguise the TV. Both Nick and his team caught on that I was very picky about this and they brought up two very important considerations that most people would not. They placed the cable as low as possible so I could put up a floating shelf or ottoman to disguise it. More importantly, they pointed out my wall was not straight in my original designated spot which would cause a gap with the wall and gave me an alternative place for perfect no gap placement. We ended up with a perfectly placed TV. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of work performed. Highly recommend!!!

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