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Discover a new freedom of security, one that truly relieves your mind by equipping you with ultimate control! We are revamping the conversations around security with our high-tech paraphernalia and optimized security operations.

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Our instinctual capacities are the sole spiritual factors that tie us to our early ancestors. With our innate need to protect what we love, be it our children,  physical assets, or simply our individuality, humans have always persevered by protecting our interests. Today’s automated world warrants top-notch and heightened levels of means to securitize ourselves and Intellihome aims to defend your concerns always.

Intellihome aims to redefine the parameters of how we gauge our securitization standards. We have your back when it comes to the protection of your interests by always researching the gaps in the security market, predicting the needs of our clients, and engaging with them to always update our services. Our services cover full home security systems, you name it and we will protect it for you! For the residents of Los Angeles, we commit to having your back 24/7.

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How Does Intellihome Security System Work?

Intellihome curates the ultimate home security plans to adjust to your concerns. Home security systems follow a basic framework of installing sensors, control panels, cameras, floodlights, etc., and can be customized to the client’s needs. However, the most essential aspect of any surveillance unit, on a domestic level is HD cameras. Intellihomes prides itself on developing some of the most advanced home security cameras that can go undetected by outsiders in order to map any suspicious activity that might be alarming.

Some of the features that make our installations the best home security systems involve setting up security cameras for homes that are mostly located in areas in Los Angeles, that are flagged sometimes with irregular activities. That is why Intellihome is committed to mitigating all potential risks related to an individual’s personal security. Some of the features that you have to check before installing security cameras for home utilization are their detectability, quality of the video, 360-degree rotation, and strong connectivity to internal alarm systems. With Intellihome, be alert today for a fortified tomorrow. 


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