Choosing the Perfect TV Mount for Your TV

Do you feel that your lounge needs to be more spacious?  Is it because your TV is not mounted on the wall? Because not mounting your TV is the number one cause of your lounge aesthetics getting ruined. Your flat-screen TV must not be within reach of kids or people; therefore, it is necessary to mount it so that it does not gather dust or hand prints. When it comes to home decor, mounting your TV is also quite essential, it gives an amplified visual that looks neat. If you are a resident of Los Angeles, CA, and are looking for someone to install your TV professionally, simply google “TV Mounting in Los Angeles,” and Intellihome will be at the top of your search engine. Book a call with us anytime! 

This blog post delves into the necessity of mounting your TV set; here is a complete guide on how to do it.  

What Are Your Walls Made Of? 

TV wall mounts are known to be compatible with all types of drywalls, even with varying textures. Each TV wall mount comes with specified fixtures, anchors, bolts, and other accessories so that your TV is secure when it gets mounted. If your wall is made up of masonry surface then you must use stronger mounting hardware apart from the one already provided. You might need the help of a professional to install the required bolts and additional hinges. 

For TV mounting it is essential to know about the VESA pattern. All TV standard TV mounting use this mechanism, namely the Video Electronics Standards Association. This is a generic pattern that must be followed in each TV mount installation. 

The Size – Fit Features That Must Be Taken Into Consideration 

The screen and size of the TV also must be considered. The TV mounts must be strong enough to hold the weight and cater the size of the TV screen. Each TV manufacturer designs their television sets in accordance to how they might be mounted, hence look for specifications when buying your TV set. 

A Pivoting TV Mount Service 

If you are cooking in the kitchen, or are cleaning the house while watching your favorite TV show, you also have the option to install a flexible pivoting TV mount that can change the direction of viewing the TV. If your TV is mounted above the eye level which is approximately 42 inches, you will need to pivot it for an easy view. Most TV mounts can also tilt and pivot to your desired angle. 

For additional information, and installation of your TV mount, call Intellihome. We provide TV mounting service throughout Los Angeles. You can schedule a meeting, book a planning session or simply discuss your options. We will be a call away! 

Simply google, “TV wall mounting service” and leave the rest to us!

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